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Second generation of the Fairphone, made by the social enterprise with the same name. Released in December 2015. Model number: FP2-XCVR

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Is it possible to turn off the camera sound?

The sound is pretty loud and ist not cangeable and kind of annoying. In surroundings wehere you shoud be qiet is ti impossible to take fotos.

Thanks if there is a solution.

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With update 1.2.8 you can.


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If there is no shutter sound on/off option in the Camera settings of your phone, (scroll down in the 'General' settings box that opens when you press Camera settings, as there are usually more options than is first seen) there is the option to install an app which will do it.

Here is a link for you to choose from.

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I tried SilentCam Switch, with no success.


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The shutter sound can not be muted (at this moment). Not in the camera settings nor in the sound -> other sounds settings.

Even when the sound is completely muted via the notification bar there is still a shutter sound.

Maybe there will be an update on that soon or you use another photo app as jayeff suggested. You might want to contact the people from FairPhone directly to see if they have a solution.

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I managed with Z Camera

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Bon et bien, avec celui-ci, c'est bien silencieux, et qq fonctions en plus...

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