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Digital Pocket Memo with slide switch operation.

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Why is the screen on my DPM frozen?

Since I dropped my DPM from about five inches, the screen is frozen. When I turn it off and on the device starts with the same screen. I switched the BA-slider and could listen to my recordings, so I believe the problem is caused by the display, right?

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My DPM8000 just froze up with lit screen as I was preparing to use it to transcribe


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As you already figured out there is not much of an uncertainty that the source of your problem is the display. First of all you should check the plug connection between display and logic board. If the connection just came loose or undone you simply need to plug it back in. Otherwise you will have to purchase an exchange display. We recommend to have an additional look at the Troubleshooting Page for any other causes.

For disassembling and replacing please refer to the provided guides.

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