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Repair and disassembly guides for Toshiba DVD players.

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DVDs player won't turn on

My toshiba dvd model #BDX-2500

Won't turn on when I try to turn it on. But if I disconnect from outlet and then plug it in,the power indicater lights up without me touching it and it goes out after 5 seconds

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Thanks for your input,I decided to pull the cover off, and just behind the power button,there is a circuit board with either 3 transistors or some kind of capacitors that are very close together, which looked like they may have fried, there is some crusty brown stuff that hardened between all 3.

Again thank you....

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@jjflash, if you want to repair it, post some images of that circuit board and the components, may be we can assist you resurrecting it.


I trashed that unit and bought a new one, thanks to all that responded


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You may wish to try re-installing (or it might even be updating) the firmware in your player to see if this resolves your problem. Not saying that this will work for you but give it a try.

Here is a link which shows how you might get your player to stay powered on.

Here is a link to download the firmware for your player. According to the download description in the link the update procedure is located in a document in the download.

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Considering the cost of a new blue ray player or DVD theses days $50-$80

It's not worth hassiling with.

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Hi JJ,

Capacitor failure is a very common problem with small appliances, computer motherboards, DVD players, computer external displays, big screen TVs etc. The manufacturers often use capacitors with a very low voltage rating. The top of the cylindrical capacitors should be flat, but when they fail, they bulge.

If that is the only visual problem, replacing them will likely recover operation of the player.

The capacitors help to keep the supply voltage to the chips smooth and steady. When they fail, they loose capacitance, the voltage variation causes the unit to constantly reset. Quite a common problem.

Easy fix.

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