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Wireless headphones released in 2014 by Sony.

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How to open cans for re-wire?

I need to re-cable my headphones after my son severed the cable at the junction. I can't find any screws on the headphones and the soft ear cover that would normally pull off seems glued down on this model. Has anyone ever opened these? Do you need to rip off the soft covers or is there a pres fit joint between the black and red plastic shells?

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Here is a link which describes how to remove the covers from a Sony MDR XB 300. I realize that it is not your model but it is in the same series (MDR XB), so maybe it will be of some help to you.

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thanks jayeff for the link. unfortunately the model I have seems to be different in construction. The closest model I think is the XB450 in construction. When I apply pressure at the edge of the cup as in this video I can see and hear the material rip away. It appears to be glued down :) The only thing I can guess is that perhaps they either need to be torn off and new ones glued down after the repair or there is a press fit joint between the inner (red) housing and the outer (black housing. I have applied a good deal of pressure between these joints and only succeeded in gauging the edge of the plastic. I'm afraid to apply too much more as it seems it will break if I do :(


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Hi, so I know it's been some time, but I figured the Internet needed an answer. So the method show in Jayeffs video proved useful, as these xb950 style headphones have the same exact construction. I just got done repairing mine, and I also pulled the wire out of the junction. All you need to do to take off the soft ear pieces is just use a flat head, and make sure to push down under the adhesive, you can tell the difference when you see it. Once you get a little up, you can just careful pull it all up. However, you don't need to remove this if you're just trying to fix the cord you have. Just peel the wires back, and use a lighter to burn off the thin enamel coating on all the wire tips , scratch off the excess black bits, and color match the wires. And Viola! Your headphones work again!

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Full procedure

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