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Stylish Android tablet manufactured by Acer. Released February 2014.

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Why is my Acer tablet keep shutting off

It is only shutting off while I'm watching a movie on it,and playing games etc.

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Does it behave normally if you watch videos or play games with the charger connected and powered on?

If so, turn off the tablet and leave the charger connected and ON to fully charge the battery.

Once the battery is fully charged, disconnect the charger, turn on your tablet and then try playing games (or watching videos) and see how it behaves. If it functions normally your battery was just low and needed to be fully charged. If it still shuts down your battery is failing and needs to be replaced.

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My ACER tab mod B3-A40 often get a battery overheating msg ask to "remove battery". In time would random abruptly turn off while in use. Then frequency turn offs increased & only able use while was plugged in. In more time inoperable. Turned off and would boot. I bought a brand new battery from an auth ACER parts dealer. Still not work. While plugged red light below camera lens lit up but not boot. I charged for hours & nothing. Somehow by tinkering it turned on, showed low battery 3% & when plugged in the battery icon showed it was in charge mode (with lightening bolt) but went from 3% to 2% with constant warning battery low to plug in. By simple observation microusb charge port seems ok not loose. My battery is not accepting a charge or it is not recognizing that a battery is plugged in as I would have assumed that a new factory battery would have some pre-charge in it if not full. And of course my question is why? or what could be the possible reasons? Is it the charge port or circuit board stuff?


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