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Released in 2012, this laptop features a Core i7 processor, dedicated Nvidia 620M GPU, and a 1080p display.

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UX32VV Adapter Repair Attempt

The plastic protection on the tip of the adapter pin was broken. I didnt realize this and plugged it in.

The adapter doesnt work now, the power jack is ok and the laptop charges well with another adapter (a friend has the same laptop).

Can the adapter be repaired? I live in Argentina and cant get a new adapter from asus :/

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I have the same problem, I already buy a replacemente but not work. ASUS say this model is dicontinued.

In my case the original adapter has 2 output voltages (19,8 and 4.5 ) and 3 aouput into the connector

I'm living in Buenos Aires too.


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It will easier to just buy a new adapter than trying to work out which components need to be replaced (and then trying to buy them) in the faulty adapter.

You can buy adapters on Ebay and other online stores. Just ensure that they have the same input /output rating as the one that you currently have now. The information should be printed on the adapter.

Just "google" asus zenbook ux32vv power adapter to locate one.

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