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Second generation of the Ford Focus.

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Car Does not Start

My car doesn't start wen I try to crank it is a 2005 Ford focus what should I do

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Give us more information


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Does the motor crank when you try to start it? if it does not then you have a problem with your starter or battery. If it does then your problem could be fuel related turn the key to on but dont crank the engine ...listen out the door towards the back of the car do you here a buzz or humm if not you have a fuel pump issue. if you hear the hum then you have an ignition problem and if this is the problem start by checking for an engine code. You need 3 things to start your car 1 fuel 2 air and 3spark your missing one so investigate and get back to us we can help with more info from you

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Good example of how to answer a poor question ;-)


Thanks for the comment


Ive replaced alternator spark plus fuel sensor battery coil pack and my 2007 ford focus still will not start i dont understand what it could be


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