Bose's consumer range of active noise-cancelling headphones are called "QuietComfort".

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Left side not working at all for Bose QC25

Hi the left ear peice has stopped working suddenly. No sound and the noise cancelling not working either. The right side is fine so not sure what is going on..

These are just over a year old and working perfectly yesterday..

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The left speaker (earphone) is connected to the "tip" of the connecting cable. Ensure that you have fully inserted the cable at both ends. Also try plugging into another source of music etc to see if the problem still exists,

If inserted OK and another source makes no difference try the following:

With the headphones playing, very gently flex the cable where it leaves the plug and listen if the sound comes and goes in the left speaker. Do this at both ends of the cable if necessary. If it does you probably have a faulty termination in the cable connector plug. If the left speaker still makes no sound it could still be a faulty cable or faulty headphones

If you have an Ohmmeter you can check for continuity from one end of the cable to the other. You may have a faulty termination in the cable You should only have to check for continuity from the "tip"of one end of the cable connector to the "tip" of the other end, as only the left earphone is faulty.

If you haven't got access to an Ohmmeter or your tests don't prove anything you could try going to a Bose outlet and ask if you could try a cable. That way you will be able to prove whether the fault is in the cable or in the headphones.

If you prove that the headphones are faulty and not the cable, given that it is just over a year old I would still contact Bose and ask if there is anything that they will do for you. I think that they may be less receptive to a cable problem as opposed to a headphones one.

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I have a QC25 purchased in BIC Japan in April 2015, the right speaker failed in August 2015 and I had it replaced under warranty by Atlas Singapore (local Bose distributor).

The left speaker started having intermittent problems in September 2016, warranty was already over by this time. Nevertheless after reading on other forum about this being a manufacturing defect, I went back to Atlas Singapore, in October 2016, and they replaced this as a courtesy with a 2016 manufactured unit. The support personnel I spoke to was very helpful, and she confirmed that BOSE has acknowledged there were manufacturing issues with 2014 and 2015 units.

So if you have a problem, get it replaced and I would not recommend trying a DIY fix.

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Thanks for the advice,

just changed the cable and the pb was still here,

i called bose and gave them serial number and they just were amazing,

they send me a return UPS ticket and i'll have new headphones in 10 days,

never saw such an easy replacement whereas out of warranty ! (apple should learn form them ! )

thanks a lot guys you made my day !

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Same problem here. If you turn on the noise canceling without having the cable plugged in, I can only hear it kick in on my right ear, so no cable issue. Mine are over 5 years old, so I'll see if I can get a new speaker and replace it like this guide suggests.

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