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A lightweight and slim laptop released in October 2008 by Lenovo.

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Why is my laptop not turning on?

The device shows no signs of being on. The screen is not on and it will not turn on when pressing the power button.

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Does the power indicator or battery light turn on when you connect the charger to the laptop?

If there is none you either have a faulty charger, faulty charging circuit in the laptop or a faulty battery.

If there is, allow it to charge for a while then see if you can turn on the laptop. If it doesn't turn on, try turning it on with the charger connected and switched on. If it turns on now you either didn't allow the battery to charge enough or you have a faulty battery.

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As stated above, check to ensure the power light is on. If it is turning on and your screen is still not responding, it may be an issue with your monitor.

First try adjusting the brightness, the computer could be in sleep mode or the brightness could be so low that the images are simply not visible.

If not, the backlight may be broken and need to be replaced.

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