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Sony CFD-S05 CD Radio Cassette Player was released in 2010, and has the CD-R/RW playback function.

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Sound not coming out of radio.

My sony is not making a sound except a faint one on one channel...I HAD HEARD THERE IS SOMETHING YOU CAN SPRAY IN THE BOARD INSIDE THAT HELPS THE CONNECTIVITY OF ALL CONNECTIONS..IF SO HOW CAN I do this myself..what chemical spray do I buy..? ( hit the caps accidentally, sorry )

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visayan95 "faint one on one channel " sounds more like an issue with the amplifier section on your board. You do want to take it apart and check the power amp IC. The spray you might be thinking off is contact spray. That is commonly used to spray to pot (volume button) etc. Your symptoms sound way beyond bad contacts. Use these guides to work on it.

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