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Updated version of the original iPad 2, released in March of 2012 with a smaller die processor and updated internal construction. Repair will require the use of heat and careful prying.

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2.4Ghz WiFi Hardware Problem


Since fews days, I have big problems with my WiFi connection. My IPAD does not detect WiFi network, except if I'm at less than 50cm of the router.

It was working perfectly before (before what ? I don't know), and I have another IPAD that is perfectly working in the same context. So my conclusion is that the problem is coming from IPAD and not from my router.

So I tried, many software things to understand the problem:

- Reboot,

- Hard reboot

- Reset network settings,

- Reset everything,

- Upgrade IOS version,

- ...

Nothing worked. I tried with IOS 7.1.1, then IOS 9.0.2, then 9.1, I have always the same problem. So my conclusion is that it is linked to an hardware problem, rather than a software problem.

Then I configured my wifi routeur to use 5ghz network, and wonderful my IPAD was able to see the network. But if I'm going upstairs in my home, I see the Wifi network but I cannot go to Internet. I'm not sure it is really a problem it is probably linked to 5GHZ networks that are more sensitive to distance than 2.4Ghz.

So my Ipad does not see any 2.4GHz wifi network, except if there are very very close (few centimeters), and does see 5Ghz wifi network (even if it seems to have a distance problem, but I'm not sure).

Because I have no skills in hardware, I do not know which component could be broken. Is it possible that Wifi antenna is broken ? But if it was the case I suppose that I would not be able to see 5Ghz wifi network (I suppose it is the same antenna). Do you have any idea ??

Thank you in advance,


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This link has an answer which may be relevant to your problem.

iPad 2 has poor signal after a few wireless antenna replacements..

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It's helpful, thank you.

Does it mean that with a WIFI antenna damaged, we can still have 5Ghz WIFI network, but not 2.4Ghz ? It seems to be weird.



Not necessarily antenna damaged, (it may be just loose) but possibly the WiFi chip is faulty. According to the other post it is replacable. Plug in module.


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Nope…that a configuration bug from Apple. IPAD doesn’t recognize 2.4 ghz wifi any more

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