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Released in September 2012, the Le Pan S has a 9.7” screen and is identified by the model number TC978.

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Why won’t my Le Pan S charge when it’s plugged in?

My Le Pan S tablet will not turn on. I repeatedly hold the power button, and I still have a blank screen. When I plug it into the wall, nothing happens

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Try plugging the charger into multiple outlets to make sure the issue does not reside within the electricity being supplied to the outlet. If you have no luck, consider using a friend’s charger or purchasing a new charger to charge your device. If the issue persists, the problem you are experiencing is most likely due to internal components such as a battery. Please see a troubleshooting page located at Le Pan S Troubleshooting.

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My tablet won't stop deleting its like it stuck on deleting.

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After trying multiple solutions including purchasing new cords, pressing the reset button and other online fixes i resorted to opening ours when it refused to charge - i disconnected the battery and then reconnected it problem solved and the tablet works again

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