Guides for the Sony Vaio Tap 11 tablet. Announced on September 4, 2013 and released October 18th, 2013. Model number SVT112A2WL. The slim, sleek, and sexy cousin to the Surface Pro 2.

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Why is my keyboard not connecting?

I've already tried charging my keyboard from the device battery, the battery shouldn't be the problem. It seemed to stop working after I updated to Windows 8.1. Any help?

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If the keyboard stopped working after 8.1 update. It is most likely due to the system settings have been reset. The problem is most likely the filter key function. To fix this, disable the filter key and restart the device. For more details please visit this Trouble Shooting Page .

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Thanks! You really saved my bacon bits!


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Check in device manager to see if your keyboard drivers are installed, most likely Windows is struggling to find your drivers. Might be a good idea to go to the manufactures website and download and install the latest version of drivers.

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Imybash Thanks. It worked. Best to update the BIOS first.then the keyboard driver

Select computer then the driver

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@ Imybash Thanks! It worked

Updaed the BIOS first, then the driver

Enter your model|type1_us_en|drivers

For SVT11213CXB

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