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An entry level smartphone released in April 2014. Available in black and white.

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How to download pictures from my Studio6.0HD?

why can't I open my phone on my computer to download pictures? My computer don't see my Phone.

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when I plug my phone on my computer it does not open to allow me to release the pictures. How do I make my computer " see " my Blu Studio HD 6.0 ?


I need an answer to this question too!!!


I have the BLU LIFE X8

Same problem


Hi @ Leigh-Francis Andrews,

What happens when you plug in your turned on phone to a PC? Does the PC respond at all? Does the phone respond at all? have you tried a different USB cable to connect between the two?


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If you are using a windows PC you may need to install a driver for the phone on the PC to be able to have your PC recognise the phone properly. You also need to make sure you are using a good known working data sync cable. Make sure your cable is not just a charge cable but a data/charge cable.

Here is a link to drivers for Blu phones.

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My phone connect to my compute and is recognised but when I try to down load the pictures from my gallery it tells me that there are no photo's where as there are at least 20 on my phone and that can't be the Driver


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If you still cannot get the computer to recognize the phone using BurnieG's instructions, consider the following options:

• Google Photos can backup your photos to using your gmail account.

• Download the Outlook Onedrive app, and all photos will upload to onedrive if you have a hotmail account

• Use Dropbox to grab your pictures as well

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