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Model A1502 / 2.4, 2.6, or 2.8 GHz dual-core Intel processor / Released October 2013

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Replace Damaged Rubber Foot

The rubber foot on the bottom of my rMBP is damaged. How would I go about getting it fixed?

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here i have found foot perfect for macbook retina 13 and 15


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Sorry, but the above comment is not true, I've ordered those parts form eBay for my mid-2013 Macbook Pro Retina and they DO NOT fit. They are made for the previous generation. I have not found any aftermarket parts that can replace these feet, you have to take it into a Genius Bar.

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I never updates my original post, but this is the experience I had. The genius bar also was unable to replace just the feet. They searched their inventory and said that the only option was to replace the entire metal enclosure–they literally did not have the feet as standalone. Because I was out of warranty I ended up taking the foot off, and re-gluing it so that it no longer shifts. It doesn't feel great (not completely snapped in) but it sits flat (the computer) and otherwise is fine.


here i have found foot perfect for macbook retina 13 and 15 cheap!


Did you find a suitable replacement? I am also in search for one for the same model.


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Those just push out from the inside. I buy them off eBay a dozen at a time but you may be able to just get a couple. I also put a couple of drops of super glue on them when seating. There is a small dot that aligns with a corresponding hole on the rim. Here's a set of four for $2.70 & free shipping:

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Incorrect. I recently had to take my MacBook Pro Retina (mid-2012) for a battery service, as it started to expand, overheat and as a result affected the glue on the rubber feet (two of them just peeled off), as well as it damaged the trackpad.

Apple Store Genius confirmed that the only way to get the rubber feet replaced, is to replace the whole bottom case assembly, which costs approximately £80 ($120 USD). There's no self-service kits, or any aftermarket rubber feet for any Retina models.


My experience is similar to Anthony. I purchased replacement feet for 13" Mac Book Retina display and they did not fit : ( Will go to the Genius Bar! Thanks, Anthony!


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I removed all 4 feet, cleaned those areas w/alcohol, and attached self-stick round felt pads. Worked so good that I put another one on top of the original felt pad for added height. This allows the computer to run cooler, I think. You can get a pack of white sticky felt pads at Lowes or Home Depot.

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