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The TJ series of Wranglers from the years of 1997-2006.

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replace rear axle seal

remove right rear wheel axle

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bob petrik,

Jack up Jeep, support with jack stands, remove rear wheels and brake drums

Remove diff cover

Remove cross shaft retaining bolt

Remove cross shaft

Push axle shafts in and remove C-clips from inner end

Gently slide axle shafts out of housing

Remove seals, being careful not to knock the rollers out of the bearings

Install new seals

Great information from here.

Here is a decent video about the procedure.

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Awesome information. I am new to all of this.... if I have a leaking seal, is there any reason that I couldn’t replace that without replacing the bearing?


The seal is separate from the bearing. There is no need to replace the bearing if it is still in good condition.


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