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Repair guides and support for the popular 3rd generation VW Jetta. Sold in Europe as the VW Vento.

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wv jetta 3 jerking when driving normal speed of 120

Thank you so much for you reply, i was on my way from Jhb to mpumalanga and it started to jerk, the rev count clock was going up and down by the time it jerks, I was driving on the N4 by that time and it stopped it could start any more. I was helped by my friend.I used my friend's distributor and it started. I bought the new one but it did not working, so i bought the small orange thing that you put in the distributor ( lottery ), and I have put it in the old distributor so it started and it didn't jerk any more but now it's jerking again. so i really don't understand what can i do now, should I get a new distributor and change plugs or should I change the dieframe as well ??

You help in this matter will highly be appreciated



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Dericks, sounds like you are saying that it did okay with your friends distributor. Then you replaced the rotor but kept your old distributor cap. I would suggest that you replace the cap as well. Also consider new spark plugs and spark plug wires.

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I have the answer, mine did the same for months on end, I replaced every filter, plug and wire and air flow things I could think of and in the end it was only the engine speed sensor that had to be replaced. Once that was done she drives like a dream again.....

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