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a question about camera replacability with other camera modules

i have a question about replacing a camera module from any smartphone to any other smartphone, for example, replacing my moto g 2014 camera module with a camera module out of a samsung galaxy s 6

ive been wondering about this for a while, and because i cant create subreddits on reddit or subsections on xda, i thought, lets ask it here..

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I doubt that sort of replacement would work. The S6 camera has some flash memory and a dual axis gyroscope that the front camera on the 2014 Moto G doesn't have. So even if the connectors are the same, you're looking at different length ribbon cables and just a different way that the camera fits into the phone. Those chip components on the S6 camera might be squished/damaged if you try to install them in a 2014 Moto G.

It's a shame, too, because it'd be awesome to be able to upgrade the camera on my 2014 Moto G.

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but teh camera sensors are the same size, even the connector is the same.. i also looked around if i could find in what orde the pins are, and couldnt find anything about that, but most camera sensors are made by sony, and so they must be Somewhat compatible with eachother..

i would like to test it out..


Good luck! If it ends up working, let me know. It would be super cool to upgrade my phone's camera.


I have a HTC one m7 and a HTC one mini (m4) , but the camera on the m7 is damaged.

both cameras are 4MP and from the same manufacturer (HTC)

would I be able to replace the m7 camera with the m4s one ??


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