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Model A1502 / 2.4, 2.6, or 2.8 GHz dual-core Intel processor / Released October 2013

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Which is the EFI chip?

on the A1502 which is the EFI chip?

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I'm guessing you have a machine with EFI lock password and you want to change it .

You can't change the password by replacing the EFI chip without messing up the ME region - the intel management engine. This is true for all core i intel platforms. The ME region is the part of the BIOS that speaks to the PCH and controls things like clock speed, and performance of the integrated GPU. If you mess with this it will run incredibly slow all the time, and be completely useless. You have to reprogram the BIOS with a clean ME region. When the machine first turns on, the BIOS communicates with the PCH and creates a handshake, similar to the first time you log into a new machine using ssh. If the PCH realizes the BIOS has a different handshake for the ME region, they will not communicate, and the machine will run like $@$*.

This is applicable to anything core i.

Yes, not the answer you want to hear, but you will have to buy a BIOS programmer to do this, and you will have to learn, and it will be terrible because there are no guides out there that make this even remotely simple. Please don't resell this machine with a f'd up ME region. :(

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I am actually sitting infront of my torn down computer with a bus pirate inhand. I'm just not sure if the chip i think is the correct one to pull the file from and reflash is the right one. Their are a few canidates. One is mxic mx25l6406ezni-12gf.


I updated my original answer with a picture of the chip. What are you using to program it? Do you have a dump with clean ME region?

Glad to see someone cares about not reselling F'd up laptops! Most just want to know where to put the $40 chip they bought on eBay so they can remove password lock and resell a junked POS stuck at 800 MHz with no warranty. Best of luck to you.


I am using a bus pirate to program. Ive been told apple has a clean file on their site I can flash. Is that incorrect? Do you have a clean one?


email me, and I'll get you something


I'm late to the party, butnfor anybody else who stumbles upon this, you can just dump the chip, remove the password with a hex editor, and reflash. It is also possible to clean the ME region while you're in there.


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