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An in-car GPS manufactured in 2012 by Garmin.

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My nüvi 3590 is stuck in a foreign language!

Help! My GPS has been set to another language and I don't know how to change it back!

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David, it sounds like you are in a language from where you do not know how to set it to English. I'd start by tapping the far right bottom icon. That will get you to the settings screen. On there, tap the arrow down one time for page down X1. Third icon (probably a mouth icon) from the top is the Language and keyboard menu, tap on that. 2nd icon from top is the Text language. this will get you to the supported languages. select there whatever language you need. Once you can read your Garmin, set your voice language etc. as needed. Of course, you can also download the owners manual from here.

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THANK YOU SO MUCH old turkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks so much. I had gotten the manuel but could Not figure out how to change the language. So appreciative


Thank you so very much. My Garmin somehow was changed to Hungarian and I was trying to figure it out by using Google translate to get me to the correct icon. Your instruction was waaay more helpful. Peace.


Very helpful. Thank-you!


I have another GPS got the language right but trying to find Australia so far no luck


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Thank you!! I had about six people from other countries trying to do it but no one could. With your very smart “how to select; as in “2nd down,” I got it back to English in like 30 seconds.

This old country gal thank s you as she prepares to navigate the big city via GPS!

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