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Released 2007, identified as Satellite A215-***** (several variations, ex: A215-S7437)

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Can the heat sink on my toshiba, satellite be reset

Was told my laptop over heated and the heat sink will not let it start up. I took it apart and cleaned a massive amount of lint from the heat sink coils, can it be reset or do I have to replace it.

Push the power button and the laptop tries to boot, after 4-5 seconds it shuts down. Five seconds later it tries to start again. Will do this three times then shut down completely.

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LarryB, not sure what you mean by "can it be reset or do I have to replace it." Al you would have to do is to properly clean the heatsink, reapply thermal paste and reinstall. Of course you also want to make sure that your fan works, is clean and that all the air vents are clean. There is nothing to reset.....

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I completely disassembled the computer, cleaned the heat sink, fan and all vents, reassembled the computer and it does the same thing (push the power button and it tries to start 3 times then shuts off). I was told by the Geek Squad @ Best Buy that I had a heat sink issue and it would cost more than the computer was worth. The screen will not come on and Geek Squad said a diognostic could not be ran. I want to save the computer if possible, what else could cause this problem beside the heat sink?

If the computer is permanentend down then I have nothing to lose, I can try to fix it.


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It sounds like your memory modules might be bad. Try removing them one at a time leaving one in each time and turning the unit back on. If the unit turns on using this method then that is the problem. If the unit still does not stay on when you have tested both modules each time then try replacing the memory with a new memory module.

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