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Changed wifi airport adapter - hardware not installed


My macbook was working fine until i dropped water at him.

I dried all computer and turned on. Everything were working well, except the wifi that are showing the message: "No hardware Installed."

I tought weird, because bluetooth was still working, but wifi doesn't.

Even that, i bought an airport adapter and installed. But the message still there: "No hardware installed".

What could be the problem? What can i do to solve that?

Best regards!

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If you got a new Airport card and still are having issues, the connector on the motherboard may have been damaged. I would check the 'About the Mac' window and look at the system report to see if the system detects an airport card. If not, you could try an OS X restore. Otherwise, this issue is hard to fix...

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Hello Jake,

I've tried many ways to fix, but the solution was clean the contact of airport and re-install it. That works fine. Thank you for your answer.


Glad to hear it it working again. I would've never thought to clean the contacts.


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