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Tabletop cotton candy maker for use with hard candy or flossing sugar. Model number PCM805 / PCM805RETRORED

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Why is the device smoking?

While the device is operating, it becomes very warm ans starts smoking near the area where the candy/sugar is placed.

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the spinner where you put sugar out in the cotton candy maker is black and I need to clean it and it smokes if I don't clean it but I don't know how to get the stain out


I changed spiner to a new one but still smoking when i turn heating...


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The most common cause for smoking is candy or sugar floss residue forming on the device after use.If the device has been used multiple times without cleaning the residue can come into contact with the heating element. This build up is flammable so it will eventually smoke. Properly cleaning the extractor head and heating element is your best course of action.

more information can be found by following this link Nostalgia Electrics PCM805 Troubleshooting


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