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logic board grounding brackets?

will not haveing the grounding bracket installed prevent charging the phone? or any other issues?? basically what's it important for.

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I just got one in that had that bracket missing. The phone would only boot half way thru with out it. It helps hold the connectors in tight. Once I replaced it the phone worked fine. See if this part in step 11 & 12 is what you are talking about: iPhone 5s Logic Board Replacement

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You have to specify which one.

Some of those brackets are not just for grounding, they actually conduct RF signals. If those brackets are missing, you will lose reception.

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Should be fine, If you have any doubt you could insulate with some electrical tape to make sure there is no short between the motherboard/housing/underside of screen.

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i think you misunderstand me, there is a bracket between the motherboard and housing, connecting/grounding it, this part is missing on my phone and i want to know if thats why it won't charge? because the battery is fine and the flex cable is fine.


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