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Released in August 2014, the Lenovo Y50-70 Touch is part of the Lenovo's Y series of laptops. Equipped with a dedicated graphics card and a 15.6" touch screen, the Y50-70 Touch is specialized for gaming.

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How can I add more RAM?

How do I know how much RAM my computer has, and how do I upgrade it? Are all RAM memory sticks compatible with my computer?

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i am assuming you are running Windows 10 (or as i like to call it Microsoft Tiles). if you right click "This PC" or "Computer" you will get a drop down menu. click on properties and it should tell you what CPU you have and also the OS your running, but it will also tell you the amount of RAM you are using. once you know how much RAM you have. if your running 4GB i would go up to 8GB, but if your brave you can go with 16GB or RAM. i would go for a kit of 2 RAM modules either 2x4GB for 8GB or 2x8GB for 16GB. also make your the RAM is 1600MHZ.

and here is you guide to upgrade RAM:

Lenovo Y50 Touch RAM Replacement

Good Luck :)


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To start with here's the Lenovo web site that has there support files for your system: Y50-70 Touch.

In reviewing their hardware maintenance manual: Lenovo Y40-70/Y40-80/ Y50-70/Y50-80/Y50-70 Touch/ Y50-80 Touch.

Go to page 32 to locate the needed screws to remove the bottom cover. Then jump to 46 on how to remove the memory modules (4 or 8GB DDR3L 1600).

To find out how much memory your system has follow this MS T/N: Find out how much RAM your computer has.

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To view the amount of RAM your computer has, go to your Control Panel, click on "System and Security," followed by "System" to view basic information about your computer, including your current operating system, processor, and amount of RAM. To add more RAM, you must open up your laptop to insert additional RAM memory sticks. Make sure to use DDR3L SDRAM memory sticks when upgrading your laptop.

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Can I upgrade to DDR4 rams?


DDR4 is very different RAM


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