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ZTE Boost MAX N9520 boasts a 5.7-inch HD IPS Display with 4G LTE and Android 4.1.

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screen touch does not work after replacement?

I replaced the screen and digitizer and the screen comes on but touch doesn't work. I've checked all connections twice. What could it be?

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Jeyson......did you end up fixing this problem??


I have the same issue. My ZTE zmax pro z981 screen broke and I bought 2 new screens and after I put new screen it lights up but doesnt respond to any commands


I have the same problem except mine's a ZTE n9521 screen not responding to touch


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jeyson, if you are sure that all your connections are properly seated, I would contact the vendor and replace the assembly once more. Sadly enough, it is not uncommon to receive a bad digitizer. Of course, you always want to double check your work, check to make sure that there are no bend or broken pins on the connector.

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