Apple's line of iBook laptops was intended for the consumer and educational markets. The iBook line comprises of the iBook G3 Clamshell, G3 12", G3 14", G4 12", and G4 14".

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What is the model number of my iBook G4?

There is no printing on the bottom of this iBook G4. How else can I find the model number?

I am trying to replace the DC in. The iBook doesn't always charge up when it's plugged in. Since I've replaced the power adaptor, I believe the problem is in the DC in.

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Hi! If you have a 12" iBook G4, this is the DC-in you need:

iBook G4 12" DC-In Board

And if you have a 14" iBook G4, this is the DC-in you need:

iBook G4 14" DC-In Board

These parts are generic across iBook G4s, the only factor being screen size (which determines the length of the DC-in cable). The G4 DC-in is not to be confused with the G3 DC-in, which has a whitish plug instead of the black plug on the G4 version.


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Under the Apple menu, select "About This Mac...", then click "More Info..."

this will launch System Profiler. Unfortunately the common model name (e.g. something like "A1054" for an Early 2004 iBook) will not be listed by System Profiler, but other useful and uniquely identifying info will be shown there.

you can then cross reference that info in the handy app called Mactracker. knowing a few pieces of info about your machine, e.g. the processor speed and general model type(e.g. iBook) will usually lead you to the specific model. There's also a unique machine identifier shown by System Profiler (e.g. "Powerbook6,5") which can be searched for in Mactracker to give you the more commonly known model name

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Unfortunately, that bottom case is the only place the model number specifically is printed.

If you flip up your keyboard, what is the writing near the serial (it should say something like iBook followed by the screen size, followed by the processor speed, followed by the RAM, followed by the hard drive capacity, followed by the type of optical drive...)?

We can ID your machine from this info.

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How do I flip up the keyboard? Do I start following the instructions for taking the laptop apart as laid out in the instructions for switching the DC In?


Sorry for lack of info on my part! To flip up your keyboard, follow step 3 (you don't need to do steps 1 or 2 in this instance).


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Look under the keyboard

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