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The Polaroid One-Step 600 Camera takes and develops its own pictures. It features an automatic flash as well as a special lens for close up photos.

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How do I change the Battery in a Polaroid One 600?

I have the Polaroid One 600. It's different than the one in the pictures above. How do I go about changing the battery? Now, I do have film still in my camera. Thanks.

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A very easy camera to use I had mine since the 80 's and still working i use it all the time the best camera i have ever owned..donald


A great camera the polaroid close-up. I had mine since the 80's still working. use it all the time and still takes great picture 's. it's is far the best camera i have ever owned . they don't make them like this any more.


What does is mean when it sounds like it's getting ready (the high pitch noise) but the light keeps blinking and it won't let me take a picture?? Any ideas?


Comment changer les piles de mon polaroid 600


does a polaroid film takes batterys


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The battery on these is in their film pack. Confirmation on this is in the manual located here and a video review of the camera here. The direct answer to your question is change the film pack. A guide for how to change the film/battery pack is here. If the battery has gone bad in the film pack, some ways to work around that can be found here. I had a lot of fun with Polaroid cameras when I was younger. Hope I've helped you. Good Luck.

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There is no realistic way to change battery inside a film pack on the Polaroid cameras.

If you have a cartridge with confirmed good film in it, but with a dead battery, you can, in a dark room, transfer the photosheets into a cartridge with a good battery.


"To do a film transfer, you will move the film in the dead cartridge to the newly empty cartridge.

This sounds intimidating, but it’s fairly easy. Only catch is that you’ll have to do the transfer of film in complete darkness (you’re not even allowed a safety light), so you’ll need to practice this process in the light with a few previously exposed Polaroids.

To remove film from the dead cartridge, just slide it out. Inserting the film into the new cartridge is a bit more difficult. You’ll have to press down the metal base as you insert the film through the slot in the front. You’ll know where the slot is in the dark as it is just above the black plastic material. If you don’t hold down the metal base properly, the film will not completely slide in. Pull it almost completely out and try again until you get it. Repeat this process until all the film is moved.

Be aware that the sheet of film on the top will be sacrificed as the darkslide when you re-insert the cartridge in a camera, so put either an exposed Polaroid or an actual darkslide on the top."

Replacing the battery is not an option. You can not buy batteries for these Polaroid cartridges anymore. They (usually) use a type of battery called polapulse batteries rated at 6-6.3V, a early type of small footprint battery. They use the Zink-Chloride (ulso known as "Heavy Duty") chemistry (yuck!) usually. All these batteries of the old stocks are pretty much dead by now, they are not rechargeable, and they are not produced by anyone.

BEST SOLUTION; Buy a new cartridge from The Impossible Project, use it, and then transplant the film from the old cartridge into the new one.

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So, I can buy the correct film for this camara, but it is not the correct film because it won't have a battery inside? Where can I actually get the film and battery pack from then? I have absolutly no access to a completely dark room to do any transfering of any sort either…


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Traditional Polaroid films like SX-70 and 600 include a flat battery within the film pack. This is evident when turning the film pack around by two cutouts in the plastic cover with a metalsurface visible. A good battery shaould show over 6 VDC when checking with a digital voltmeter.

Newer film types do not include batteries any more.

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