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Repair guides and disassembly information for laptops manufactured by ASUS.

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How to disable deep sleep mode on my Asus A550L laptop?

Hi, my laptop problem is every time i insert wireless mouse into laptop, its pop up message " when placed in deep sleep mode, the system may not wake on LAN or through a USB device"

What does its mean?? and my wireless mouse cannot detected by my laptop.. tried to adjust power at control panel, still cant solve.

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I have suddenly incurred this problem as well. I have tried everything from uninstalling device drivers and reinstalling, specific commands, but nothing has helped. This loss of use of the mouse makes it difficult for me to use my laptop as I always have. Please respond to this request as soon as possible. Thank you. (Poor customer asked this question almost a year ago and no one responded?)


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Hi @maschino89,

Go to Control Panel > Device Manager > Mice and other pointing devices , right click on your mouse listing and select Properties > Power Management and ensure that the box labelled Allow the computer to turn off this device is unchecked and that the other box labelled Allow this device to wake the computer is checked and click OK

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Go to control panel>power>power plans>costom plan. Go into edit plan and find the option for usb wake or just usb. Select on for anything that may help. Also, search for USB wake from the start menu. I hope I was of some service to you.

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