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Released in 2005, identified by model number M55-S135.

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Toshiba M55 running very slow

My laptop has recently started running very slow, even booting up and hibernating very slow. What can I do to fix?

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I would recommend first downloading a free anti-spyware program, (such as Spybot SD) to try to clean any malicious programs off your computer that might be slowing things down.

Second, I would remove any unnecessary older programs which you don't use any more. If this is a Windows machine, you should be able to do this by opening up the Control Panel, choosing Add or Remove Programs, and removing ones that you put on there which you don't use any more.

If your internet browser is slow, you can clean out your temporary internet files to help speed it up.

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you can use pc decrapper


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Another possible answer is that you need to defragment your harddrive. This can cause windows to boot slowly. Do this by clicking the start button, right clicking my computer and going to manage. When the management screen comes up, click on the disk defragmenter icon on the left side, highlight the C: drive, and tell it to go for it. THIS PROCESS CAN TAKE QUITE SOME TIME TO COMPLETE! Try to leave it going overnight.

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