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Is it the resistor thermal fuse?

Hi can anyone help me my heater on my auto Vauxhall corsa d was only working on 4 then it stopped working completely so I brought a new heater motor but now it is only working on 4 again is this this the resistor thermal fuse. please help anyone. thanks kirsty

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Hi my Corsa heater doesn’t work at all could it be the fuse if so which fuse is it ?


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kirsty, there are two common causes of a heater blower fan problem in the Corsa D

1. Faulty Heater Resistor (Part No. 13248240 ) Usually, it is the thermal fuse on it that fails.or 2. The connector on the wire loom connector can become overheated and melt, causing damage to the loom. So take a look at it and see what you find. My money is on the heater resistor thermal fuse. Take a look on here and here as well. Hope this helps, good luck.

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I had similar problem on a Vauxhall Combo heater which worked only on setting 4. The answer was a new resistor matrix fitted into a connector just behind the heater body. It is tricky to reach but it works on al 4 settings now.

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