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Model no. ML-2510, monochrome laser printer

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Printer is spinning and not accepting paper.

This printer is a work horse. Love it.

I haven't used the machine for over a year because each time I print, the paper just sits there and the machine wheels seems to spin and then nothing is going.

Please help.

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Printer is great . When i print printer does not seem to pickup paper to print but when I turn off and on and top paper release cover machine work and take the paper. Each time i to print i have to do this exercise. Any advise What to do.



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I had the same problem with this printer. With this fix, it went from failing every time to picking up every time.

There's no need to disassemble anything. Just remove the toner cartridge and the manual feed platform. Put a small amount of isopropyl alcohol on a Q-Tip and gently rub the first 2cm of the pickup roller sponge from side to side. Rotate the Q-Tip as you do, and you'll see it's picking up residue from the sponge. Use the other end of the Q-Tip to help dry away the alcohol, and to remove more residue.

If the roller sponge is quite dirty, you may want to repeat this process. When done, move on to the next 2cm further around the roller, overlapping what you've already done. You won't be able to get to the back of the roller without disassembly, but that's not something I wanted to start doing.

How did it get dirty? I imagine it's because it picks up toner when you are printing something double-sided. If you only ever did single-sided printing, the roller sponge touches only clean paper, but it might also become hardened or glazed over time. Also, I'd stay away from ethanol or rubbing alcohol, which would leave more of an oily residue.

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Thank you so much!!! :)


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Clean the pickup and feed rollers with a mild cleaner and soft cloth - wipe dry.

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I have the same problem. At first, it was probably just the worn out rubber roller band. After loading too much paper it jammed and stuck tight. A hard pull on the paper got it out but still no sheet would get pulled

through. Used the 7 steps posting to remove the motor which exposed the gears and broken teeth on the roller shaft gear. I suppose the hard pull out on the paper did the damage. Now I need to find out how to get that assembly out for a possible repair or replacement.

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