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Released in January 2008 the BlackBerry Pearl 8110 is a smartphone device manufactured by RIM. This model is unique to AT&T only.

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Why do I have to charge my phone so frequently?

I charge my phone throughout the day but after a few hours of light use I get a low battery indication. Leaving the phone to charge overnight doesn't make it any better. My phone was able to last the entire day on one charge before but now I have to recharge it at almost every opportunity.

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As batteries age they hold less and less of a charge. Batteries (like most things) have a finite life. You can either replace the battery or the phone.

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Especially with lithium ion batteries, they hold less charge each time you charge them. Although the loss is minimal, over the years, it can add up. So they will wear down due to age - simply replace it with a new one! You can find more about battery issues at this troubleshooting page.

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