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Galaxy S3 yellow screen after front glass replacement

Dear ifixit community,

recently I've found a perfectly working Galaxy S3 in the trash, only the front glass was broken.

I removed it with the help of my heat gun and put a replacement glass on.

I'm afraid that the lcd somehow got damaged in the process. Would someone be willing to take a look at this?

I really hope I can fix this somehow with the help of you guys :D

Thanks in advance

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Yeah, you may have gotten the LCD a little to warm. It will cause it to change color similar to that. Not much to do but order a replacement. I would just get the lcd/digitizer/glass combo.

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Like kris sayed you have used to much heat and burnt the lcd


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changing the glass is really difficult without proper equipment, for the time and effort plus high chance of fail rate its better to just buy the full screen assembly.

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