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PROMISE SmartStor DS4600 Dead enclosure or dead drive(s)?

Hi there,

I have a SmartStor DS4600 4-bay RAID enclosure. It stopped working along with a burning smell that appeared to be coming from the unit's main board region. I ordered a replacement identical unit since this was needed ASAP and today plugged the drives into the new unit. I immediately smelled the same burning smell and quickly unplugged the unit. Next I took one of the drives (all 4 of them are Seagate NAS 4 TB drives, model ST4000VN000) and put it in a single drive external enclosure. That single drive enclosure immediately started smoking on the main board as well. Assuming I'd found the bad drive, I proceeded to try a known good hard drive with the single drive external enclosure (which worked) and then swapped in another of the 4 TB drives. That drive caused the enclosure main board to smoke as well (worse than the last one).

At this point my single drive enclosure appears to be dead, and I have two of the DS4600 units that may or may not be dead. I'm not sure how to proceed, but I'm quite afraid that I have one or more drives that are killing everything I put them in.

What should I do?

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Did you fix the problem? Something very similar here, my DS4600 started to smell like burn and stopped working. I've bought a new chassis, swapped the disks, but it seems the new chassis doesn't read the disks. I've been using Os X from 10.8 to 10.10 (Yosemite), I know it's not compatible, but It has been working til the incident :( I don't know what to do.


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Really very bad situation :(

I can give you an idea to do following:

It's look like a short circuit, and you must to find where is the problem: 5V or 12V. You know - 5V is for the electronics, 12V is for the motor. Check unit's main board for a burned line or element. This can guide you to the problem.

Next, you can check the HDD SATA Power pinouts for a short circuit. You have 4x identical drives and you can found the difference.

Now you can disassemble the motherboard from the HDDs. It will be a miracle if you find the scheme manuals for this. Here is a picture from the mother board (yours must be similar).

Concentrate on the components which are soldered to a thick strips (if you have a problem element with low power consumption, this element will burn and will cut the line, but after this bad smell you have again short circuit).

As you see from the picture, this can't be memory i.c. or SATA controller (biggest i.c.), may be the problem is with the third one - square BGA one (78087). I'm not sure, is your board the same, I'm thinking this is a motor controller i.c. and normally this i.c. have higher consumption. Other problematic element can be diode or capacitor. Check them with a multimeter.

Check everything with magnifying glass or better with a microscope. You have a smell, this means you must have or burned element or burned line on the board (more likely - element because after burned line everything will stop).

Sorry for my english and do not be angry if I'm instructive.

P.S. Compare the readings from the motor flex cables too. I know it's hard to find the problem without scheme manual. I wish you success.

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