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Repair guides and support for desktop computers produced by Asus including towers and all-in-one display PCs.

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How to clear bios password? - Asus All In One ET2410IUTS-B033C

I set a bios password on my all in one asus pc about a year ago. I completely forgot it so I've been trying to look up how to clear or hard reset the bios. Unfortunately there is not a lot of information on how to clear it as there is no evident cmos battery on my motherboard. I've tried calling Asus support and they told me I'd have to send it to their technicians for 175.00. If their technicians can fix it I'm sure there is a way someone like me could fix it also. Either via a master password or some sort of jumper.

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I think it's more of a privacy or security issue. I mean the idea of paying $175.00 would deter me from doing the same. All jokes aside the reason you would have to send it in, is because if you're the owner then the responsibility of storing the receipt and registering the product is in your hands and should not be a problem to present as proof of purchase, otherwise it seems you may be trying to maliciously force your way past the BIOS. You can probably find some shady guy in a PC repair shop who can do it for a few bucks. I do apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, but that answer doesn't belong on here. Good Luck.

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see if there any bios 3 pin Jumper settings .... or watch for CLS bios B_CLS something like that then remove the jumper and set it to middle and opposite pin of that pin which is recently removed.

Now start the PC and wait 1 minute.

Power off your PC and Do the reverse method which i told you.

I hope this will solve

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Battery is on underside of motherboard ! Just to make it more fun to accezz lol


@Alistair Young

For a long while now, the cmos battery just resets the BIOS settings not the BIOS password.


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