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CDMA version of the fourth generation iPhone. Repair is straightforward, but the front glass and LCD must be replaced as a unit. 16 or 32 GB / Model A1349 / CDMA compatibility.

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Battery life extremely limited; even after battery replacement?


After replacing the lock button on my phone; My battery life has been very short. In example : full charge at 0900 hrs has to recharged before noon. Thought the battery was old and replaced it, helped but is no where near the expected.

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It sounds like there is a logic board issue. As the phones get older of course battery life decreases, lithium ions have a two year life however if that is not fixing the problem I would wager to guess that you are having issues with you logic board and there is no way I know of to repair that other than Cyberdoc LLC and I am not sure if they can fix that without you being able to identify which transisitor controls the power drain.

Other than that I would try the usual tricks: turn bluetooth off, close out of apps and turn your brightness down.

Hope this helps!

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