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Mazda 5 rear left light assembly

Hello, I am looking for either youtube or document / directions to replace real left tail light assembly.

It is easy to open it up but clueless who I get it off completely and replace it with new one.

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Take out the 2 screws and then get a firm grip at the top and bottom of the housing and pull straight away from the vehicle. There are two plastic pins that fit into holes on the body. Check on here as well. Hope this helps, good luck.

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thanks, it worked but I am not sure how to get the wires off. I need to replace the entire assembly not just the bulbs.

There seems to wires that run through inside of side panel (rear driver side). Not sure which screws and how many of them I need to remove to get the wires visible and unplug them.


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You must unscrew the panel on the inside and undo the bolt hidden under the square cover. This is much easier with 2 people. Now get a decent flat tip screwdriver and gently place the tip behind the cover. Now gently pry it back and follow the cover around. I undid the top of portion only. Had my wife hold it back while I squeezed my hands into the space. Use the same screwdriver to depression the clip on the wire. Once that's undone pull off your old broken taillight and fish the wire threw the hole. Connect the wire to the clip. I had my wife get the keys and do a test before I closed every up. Closing up goes alot faster. I used the flat tip screwdriver to flip the rapper seal over the plastic cover. You will have to use some force to get the cover back on. As you know it secured well and u must get it back on. Hope that helps. Pain in the butt!

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Amby, Mazda 5 rear interior panel removal to gain access to tail light plug, video link below shows right side removal, procedure on left side would be the same. You can stop video at about 8:45. as you will not have to remove anything else to get to tail light plug.

If there is nothing wrong with existing harness, wires and bulb sockets are not damaged it can be reused with the new tail light just by unclipping it from existing tail light and re attach to new taillight and save a lot of time and work.

Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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