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Repair and disassembly guides for Panasonic DVD players.

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Value of D1041 on power supply board for Panasonic PV D4744S VCR?

My Panasonic PV D4744S VCR DVD Player got hit by a lighting surge, I took it apart checked all the capacitors with DMM and a ESR tester, found a couple not up to snuff, but all were at least o.k. Started checking Diodes with DMM in the Diode ck. mode, Found the one in D1041 spot on the mother board, in the power supply section to show no good, tested the same both directions.. The problem I'm having is Identifying it, there is no numbers on it at all...On one Lead there is a blue stripe next to the body, then there is a red stripe on the body of it, then the usual black stripe.. I chatted with someone at Panasonic on their website, and she told me they won't give out that kind of info and could not sent me a schematic, that I would have to take it to an authorized dealer to have it repaired...Fender told me the same thing about three months ago on my "The Twin" Amplifier that I fixed myself, that I had taken it to not one, But TWO authorized dealers, that ended up screwing it up pulling traces loose from the board, almost be on repair..(no kidding)..

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Reggie, that is reference designator D1041 Panasonic MA2200 NTE Equivalent NTE5079A ZENER DIODE - 20.0V You can get the datasheet from here. the part is available at places like this. Hope this helps, good luck.

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oldturkey0..That is the one.. just checked it with the data sheet.(color stripes, and dimensions)That was quicker than I thought I would get help on this ol' thing...THANKs SOO MUCH for your help...much appreciated...


No problem at all:-) Welcome to ifixit.


oldturkey03, Hate to bother you can't find what this part is on this dvd player also in the power supply...The position on the board is PR1005, ...I did get the caps,. and the zener from Radio shack and got them put in,, but didn't fix it yet, still won't power on.. there is also a AQUA looking resistor with just TWO orange bands on it I can't find out what it is either.. It is in Position #PR1004..I would buy a schematic for $12.95 if I could afford it now, (I'm a caregiver for my 95 y.o. Mother)..I actually use to build race engines, and do automotive engine machine work, in my line of work...I miss it, but Mom comes first no matter what....This is just something to keep me amused in my sitting around time so I don't get to bored.. Any help would AGAIN be much appreciated...Reggie C.. Stuart, Fl... A Schematic would be great if anyone has one they could e-mail to drag race a 1967 chevy II)


Hi Reggie, reference designator PR1005 is a Panasonic UNH00010FA Fuse and PR1004 is a LSSF009A35E fuse. Except here the fuses are used for IC protection. Save your money :-) and contact me by email for a schematic. Click on my avatar for my address.


Thanks again oldturkey03....I'm going to try to find the UNH00010FA,the other(now that I know it IS a fuse)checks o.k.....If this part don't fix it I'll have to get a-hold of ya and get the schematic from you......thanks again...


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