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Key has detached from keyboard

How do I (can I?) replace a broken key on the keyboard? It is the ]} key.


Hi, I can see now how to replace the key! Great, but where can I purchase the replacement part (the plastic hinged frame, which has a missing top hinge pin)?

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Could you tell us exactly how the key is broken? It will help us help you. Ralph


Something small like that might best be found on eBay.


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Keys are user replaceable

If the tangs are broken off you'll need a new key. If not one end (side or bottom) sides under a tang on the keyboard, the hinges pop into pins on L & R.

Good Luck,


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Great link if the question asker knows to click on it. Please make your links more obvious. You usually have very good answers but we aren't dealing with power users here. You still get an upvote from me.


Thanks Machead3!!!

That worked perfectly and was a piece of cake!

I should have guessed there would have been some answers on YouTube.


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Yes, keys are definitely replaceable. In fact, there are online shops that specialize in such thing. Check out to find laptop key replacement and repair kits.

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