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20-inch, 23-inch, and 30-inch aluminum LCD displays introduced by Apple in June 2004. Models A1081, A1082, and A1083 respectively.

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Is replacing the backlight possible?

My Apple 20" Cinema display (A1081) has become dimmer over the last couple of months. Brightness is turned all the way up and the whites are still grayish.

Is it possible to replace the backlight in this otherwise functional display?

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still no solution? teardown, replace, work log?


The tubes are just not available any more. I think its time to get a new monitor.


@danj Hi there. I have been looking for info on the CCFL lamps used by the aluminium cinema displays (I have a 23" A1082 that is not as bright as it used to be) and I can't seem to find any.

When you say "they are just not available any more" do you mean that they were a special type? I am asking because I contacted and they said "Sorry, we do not have CCFL lamps for Apple A1081, A1802 & A1083".

What characteristics do they have that are so special and they can't just be replaced with any of the CCFL replacement lamps available in so many lengths and diameters from all these vendors?

Please excuse my ignorance as I do not know much about CCFL but what I have been learning about the eye's tristimulus response, standard illuminants, backlight spectral peaks and LCD filters has changed my mind from trying to find LED replacements to looking for replacement CCFL lamps.

Thanks in advance!


@myalbino - CCFL's are just not made any more ;-{

The world has moved on to LED's.


I hear you. I though about replacing the lamps with 6 LED strips but the monitor might be too smart and start complaining about the inverter not being enabled blah blah then I have to work out the LED dimmer, power to the strips etc etc. Plus the monitor is a bit annoying to open more than once. Plus it is not edge lit and I do not know if the strips in the middle of the screen will be visible. So, I decided to try going the CCFL direction.

Do you by any chance know the make and model of the LCD panel used in the A1082? I am avoiding opening the screen if I can get the info. I might be able to get some lamps from

If it all fails I will have to get a BenQ PD2700q which I really like but I do not really need right now if I fix this.


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Its a bit of work and you do need to be careful as the CFL lamps are fragile. It's been awhile since I've replaced the CFL's so I don't know what lamps are available any more.

Given the age of your display you might want to consider getting a new one as the cost of repair will be more than a new unit will cost (if you were to get it fixed by someone).

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I just hate throwing away something that still works and could be repaired. Maybe I'll donate it to a charity.


I'm with you! Its just a matter of time & skills here. OT has a link about on a parts source - Thank you OT! You know your stuff! As you can see in the link you'll need to take the LCD display unit apart to get to them. Are you up to it?


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dkelly, I would not give up that early :-). I am certain that it can be done, CCFL's are not very expensive or even hard to come by. Check on here for some ideas. May be we can help you changing the CCFL's and making a guide for it:-)

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I replaced the CCFLs in my display. I don’t recall which I ordered from but and have the CCFLs to replace the ones in your monitor. After the replacement my monitor was slightly brighter but it illuminated another problem, which is that the display is turning pink as it ages. Next thing I might try is replacing the entire LCD panel with an LED version, just to keep the nice bezel and aesthetic of the cinema display, but that’s a project for another day.

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Did you ever try this? I like everything about ma 30" display but the warm hue and dimness is getting to me.


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