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iPod fell from terrace! repairable?

my ipod fell from the balcony and the charging part is fully smashed! nothing is wrong with the screen! i cannot charge it as i cannot insert into the hle!! what can i do?? is it possible to repair it in any normal stores??

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nidhi, not quite sure what you mean by "it in any normal stores??" but this is a tough repair. If the charging part ( dock connector) was destroyed then the only way to fix it is by resoldering a new one. They are a bit hard to come by, are soldered onto the board and have lots of small contacts. This is not an easy repair and will require good soldering skills and good tools. Other than that, you'll have to replace the logic board . Hope this helps, good luck.

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There's a few places that can change out the port but they cost a lot for the repair.

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