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Repair information for non-Apple computer keyboards.

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Some of the keys on my keyboard work intermittently.

Hi there,

A few days ago, i was presented with the problem of an intermittently working left shift key. The problem went away after a few days but now the D, Enter and Backspace keys are not working. I have tried cleaning under them to no avail. It may be helpful to know that they do work half of the time, and that when they stop working, they do it all at the same time I.E. When the Enter key stops working D and Backspace go too.

Thanks for the help!

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We may need some additional informations.

What keyboard is it? Branded? No brand? Wireless? USB? PS/2?

All those things may be useful.

Have you tried, if it's an USB keyboard, changing USB port?

Have you tried, just to play it safe, to connect the keyboard to another PC?

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Sorry about being hazy, Im actually using a laptop. Its a medion akoya. In relationgto your other questions i have not tryed using another keyboard as i dont have a USB one available.


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