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No Power AC adapt. Green solid, battery charging,hot on bottom!

I was working with my laptop last night and it made a sound, I thought was a hard drive click and went off. It has not come back on since. It is a MacBook Pro 2.1 (A1151) 17 in, ghz standard 120 gig hd, 2 gig ram. The ac adapter is solid green when plugged in, the battery is still showing a fullcharge. But, I am getting extreme heat from around where the battery connects to the prongs underneath. I have also gotten a lttle wiff of a "hot" smell coming from the machine. HELP! I am new to macs.the wife will kill me if I have to go and buy a new machine!

Thanks for any and all help.

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first of all - unplugg the ac adaptor and the battery - look for damages (the nose can sometimes show you the way)

if you don't see anything - open the topcase ans look around - maybe you can see the problem

here is the guide to remove the battery and the topcase

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I have taken the battery out, the ram out and taken the top off. I cannot smell anything any longer. The heat source has to be the cluster of wires or the cylinder next to it. They are exactly where the heat is coming from when the case is together and the unit is plugged in. The enntire battery will heat up over about minute or so. I have tried running the unit with and without the battery. Thanks for the suggestion.


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