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My screen is shorting out

about 3/4 ths of my screen shorts out and there is bunch of different colored lines that show up i can see the whole screen if i pinch the left uper corner....i think there may be a wire loose or something how can i fix this..any help would be greatly appretiated

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Hey Kenneth, try to connect your MBP to an external monitor and tell us what you see. Normal video or same image than on the internal screen ? Waiting for your answer to go further...

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I i am not able to hook it up to an external monitor right now or anytime soon. although i have web chatted with friends and i have allowed them to srcreen share so they can see what is on my screen and they have said that they can see everything fine. its only when i view it


OK so that's fine, your graphic processor should be OK. Now you must check the LVDS (video) cable connection to the logic board and to the LCD panel. IMO if the video is altered when pressing on the display side then there's a good possibility of a failing LCD panel.


ok as soon as i get the chance ill open it up and take a look...i will write back when i know more


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I have the same problem with my screen. I've checked it on an external monitor and it's ok. I've taken it apart and haven't noticed any thing with the lcd cable. How can I make sure that it is indeed the cable and not the lcd screen? any suggestions for testing the cable?


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Hi Joe,

You can't troubleshooting this kind of problem without swapping parts. Apple would replace the whole display but hey who wants to pay a premium when often only a cable is causing the problem. In your case you'll have to try another LVDS cable but before buying a new cable disconnect the old one and connect it tightly both ends. Order a new cable from iFixit if reseating the old cable doesn't restore a normal video. If the new cable doesn't solve the problem then your LCD panel is going kaput.


Next time please start your question. lemerise is correct, you have to start switching parts at this point. +vote for this one


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