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Model Raleigh m20 Mountain Bike is a light-weight 21 speed mountain bike. It is suited for both leisure activity as well as basic to moderate mountain biking.

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What is the size of the seatpost for this bike?


I have a raleigh m-20 trail bike and recently purchased a seat post size 26.8. It was too large to fit into the hole.

I am unsure what size this is.


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Use a Boley gauge and measure it. http://www.amazon.com/Stainless-Steel-De...

Or use a digital caliper: Digital Caliper

Or call the bike store where you got the seat, tell them the make and model number of your bike and ask them which seat you need to get.

Digital Caliper Imagem


Digital Caliper


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Mario, according to this database there are a few possibilities:

Raleigh M20 2001 29.2

Raleigh M20 ca. 2003 27.4

Raleigh M20 2004 Aluminum micro-adjust, 27.2mm diameter

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That doesn't add up. The 26.8 was to large and all you listed are larger than that. Maybe some non-standard alterations have been made.


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