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Do iPhones have built in overload protection?

I built a charger with a 5v regulator and hard wired it to the regulator. The regulator shorted out and killed my phone, it wont charge anymore. If I turn it on it runs for maybe one minute and then shuts down. Any way, my question is if I replace the dock connector will it fix the problem, or do I just need to buy a new phone?

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John Laney, there is a reversed voltage protection, but I can not see an overload protection. I would start by replacing the dock connector. While you do that, visually check your components on the board. Look for any signs of burned, charred or missing components. Be aware that if you have to perform any repair on your board, it will involve very small components that require good tools and great skills to repair.

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Just replaced the dock connector, didn't fix the problem. I also looked for signs of charring on the board, none to be found on the visible side. I'm afraide I just need to buy a new phone :(

Anyway thanks for the advice.

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Replace battery.


did that too, didn't affect it. Bought a new 5s. Thanks for the help anyway.


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