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Released on October 23, 2012. Core i5 or Core i7 Processor. Apple Fusion Drive.

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How to add second ssd when original HDD is screwed to frame?

I was trying to follow the ifixit tutorial to add second drive (SSD) to my mac mini late 2012. When i got to the hard drive, i realized that it was screwed in to the frame. Do I replace it with SSD and slide the old HHD on top? Or do i leave the HHD and slide SSD on top?

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The SATA connections are the same for both ports. The issue is one on what fits best and the ability of the system to cool.

Apple has now started mounting the HD on the top bay so they have some reason in doing that (I don't know why). Some people think its easier for the assemblers to add the drive in others think its heat related. As the SSD runs cooler you could place it in the lower bay. Or you could just place into the top bay as its just easier to get to.

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Are you sure that sata mini cables are the same? They dont fit exactly, and that is why i am asking. I had to bent and "help" them a bit to fit.


No, the connection is a standard SATA. Are you sure you have the cable correctly oriented? Or the SSD is correctly oriented in the bay? Review the IFIXIT guides for both.


Dan, i have purchased ifixit kit that came with standard SATA cable. However when i opened my mac mini, i realized that the exisiting 1TB HDD is not like in the ifixit guide lying on the bottom tray (when your mac is upright) but is screwed in to the upper tray. I took it out and installed in its place my new SSD. However when i tried installing my old 1TB one on the bottom tray (when mac is upright) i found it hard to connect the SATA cable to the logic board. Was wondering if this is normal or Should i look for a differently shaped SATA cable.



OK I get it now! You'll need to get the 'other cable' each bay has a custom cable as the routing (shape) is different. It sounds like you have two of the same cables here (same bay).


got a link for that other cable, as i have hard time finding it?



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