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The Dell Inspiron 15R laptop features a 15.6" screen, brushed aluminum finish and long battery life, plus a thin and lightweight design.

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My Dell inspiron 15R display goes black after using for some time?

Hi guys

I'd bought a Dell's AMD version of inspiron 15r laptop about 3 years ago.

I have been experiencing a very annoying and frustrating problem since last few months.

While I was doing some work on it,

the screen went black all of a sudden.

It happened once few hours prior to then, and force rebooting had solved the problem at that time, so I calmed myself and did a force reboot.

But it didn't solve the problem this time.

I tried rebooting 3,4 times, but still no solution.

The screen was black even in the entire process of booting from the beginning.

I also found out that the screen wasn't totally black.

The screen had shown very mere display which was like 0.001% away from perfect dark black.I did as much research as I can for solution, but I couldn't get any good answer..

I couldn't solve it for several hours.

Several hours passed , and I tried booting it up again.

For few minutes, it seemed to be the same old black (or dark) screen.

But it automatically turned back to normal brightness again.

I haven't done anything to it.

Every now and then after working just fine for an hour or so, the screen goes black. The sound and all is clearly audible if a video or audio is playing but there is no display on the screen.

I'm wondering why this is happening..

Can anyone give me an answer to this?

Is it a problem of loosened cable connection to the screen or it is with motherboard or LCD Screen itself ???

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Akshay ...and just in case a new LCD should not fix it, check the power circuit for the LCD backlight as well as pin 5 on your LVDS connector.

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It sounds like your back light on your LCD screen is going bad or possibly the connection to the cable is loose! Try hooking up another monitor to it and see if you get video on that OK. If nothing appears on the other monitor try holding FN key and hit F1 to toggle thru ouputs until it shows. has a replacement screen for about $52.00! I just ordered one today for a friends 15R that was showing a "Black Screen". Actually you can see objects on the desktop under a bright light. The LED Back light is what makes the screen bright. There is no LCD Inverter on this model, so replacing the screen will likely fix it! This particular laptop worked fine with external monitor! Hope this helps! Plenty of Videos on Youtube showing how to change the LCD in about 1/2 hour! Good Luck!

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Mine is doing the same thing i have got two new monitors for it and no change ive brought new cables and no good ive called dell and they dont even no . i have to plug it in to a external monitor to use it this is becoming very annoying any advice

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Did you check any of the above answers? Have you checked your inverter?


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hi, where u found this circuit diagram?

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@ talalakhtar , who gives a dam ???

we all search for a solution, not for where you found it, LOL ...

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