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The Toshiba 40PB200 is a 40-inch flatscreen television in the PB200 series. It was released in 2012.

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HDMI, VGA and audio in ports not working

I bought Toshiba 40" LED two months ago. Recently, my hdmi ports on the tv have stopped working, the vga port from the computer connection is having flickering image and the cable is securly connected on both ends and the audio is zooming which is coming from the laptop to the tv. Please help am stranded !

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i have a toshiba 50" model -46sl412u -the sound is very low and can't hear it -what's wrong


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What is your TV's model number? It sounds like your main board is damaged and your might need a replacement. Sometimes however this could be an issue with heat dispersion. I have seen a few TV's that do not work as you have described because the chips on the main board get too hot.

Does the flickering image on the screen also affect the TV's internal functions like the menu screen or volume indicator? Usually if the issue affects the internal functions you could also have an issue with the Timing Controller Board, if not its most likely the main board.

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thank you for the concern and time to reply to my issue, it doesn't affect the menu screen nor the volume indicator. What about the hdmi ports ? is it same symptoms as described which is the same problem of the main board ?


If you have the same issue across all input ports then the issue is most likely your main bard. The whole image would be affected if it was your TCON board. Check the model of your TV on Google / Ebay and see if you can find a replacement main board. Price range can vary between 25-100 USD. If you are still unsure if you can take a picture of video of your issue and show me i can have a better idea.

**EDIT** Also can you post your model number?


my tv model number is toshiba 40pb200, the issue is only with the HDMI ports. I removed the HDMI cables and the flickering and the dull image display disappeared. The VGA, rca and tv analogue are all working fine with clear display !


Strange, so what are the conditions for the issue? For instance do you have a device connected to the HDMI cables or are they just connected to the TV only? You might try different cables / check the connections in the back for bad / bent pins. I know when you connect the HDMI it attempts to use it even if you are not on the HDMI input mode.


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Hi, i have toshiba 39" led, suddenly my both hdmi ports is not working. I had tried with different cables even tried with google chromecast device.. Please update me

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Is that TV still be at your home?

Is it working?

If not, I wanna buy tp replace my screen part.


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